Episode 11 – Iontophoresis: A Hyperhidrosis Conversation with Dermadry

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Iontophoresis: A Hyperhidrosis Conversation with Dermadry
Episode 11

In Episode 11 of ‘How to Sweat Less’, host Megan Cameron discusses hyperhidrosis and its treatments with Mathieu and Alexa from Dermadry, a leading manufacturer of iontophoresis machines. Alexa, the Marketing Director, and Mathieu, Vice President and co-founder, share their insights into Dermadry’s mission to help those suffering from excessive sweating, detailing the science behind iontophoresis, Dermadry’s origins, and the specific areas their device targets. They highlight the importance of diagnosing hyperhidrosis, the FDA and Health Canada’s standing on iontophoresis for treating palm, foot, and underarm sweating, and how Dermadry’s device offers a safe, pain-free, and effective solution. 

The episode emphasizes the need for awareness, removing stigmas associated with sweating issues, and the supportive community Dermadry has built for their users. Additionally, it covers practical aspects of using the device, potential side effects, contraindications, and how to purchase Dermadry’s products internationally.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

0:00 Welcome to How to Sweat Less Podcast

00:25 Introducing Dermadry: Leaders in Hyperhidrosis Treatment

00:54 Understanding Iontophoresis with Dermadry

03:10 Hyperhidrosis: Who Can Benefit from Dermadry?

04:57 The Impact of Hyperhidrosis on Mental Health

05:12 Navigating Health Insurance and Prescriptions

07:31 Using Dermadry: Safety, Effectiveness, and User Experience

18:41 Addressing Common Concerns and Questions

26:10 Final Thoughts and Where to Find Dermadry

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