How to Sweat Less and Love Yourself More Episode 1

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Do you feel like you have a sweat problem? Do you feel alone in this experience as someone who sweats excessively? If you sweat for what feels like no reason at all and you’re trying to hide it from the world, it’s normal to feel isolated in this experience. However, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and you’d be surprised at how many other women are living with the same sense of unease around their sweating. We can address the physical symptoms of excessive sweating with treatments like Botox, however, in our minds, we still see ourselves as people who sweat heavily. This mindset piece is the hardest to transform, but when you can stop letting fear of excessive sweating control your life, everything in your world begins to change. Tune in this week for some insight and inspiration as you learn to sweat less and love yourself more. I share how excessive sweating becomes a dirty little secret, the common challenges we face as women who sweat, and the real mindset work that will allow you to start loving yourself and create the life you really want as you learn how to sweat less. What You’ll Learn From This Episode:
  • The fears and emotions that lead to excessive sweating becoming our “dirty little secret.”
  • How the world wasn’t designed for providing comfort to excessive sweaters like us.
  • Why treatments like Botox can fix the physical symptoms of sweat, but it takes deeper work to change our perception of ourselves.
  • What hyperhidrosis is and why you need to know about it.
  • The profound impact of finding a community of people living your experience.
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