Sweating Less Takes Action Episode 7

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Episode 7 “Sweating Less Takes Action”  

In this episode, we discuss 2024 being the year of ACTION. The significance of taking action to achieve the goal of sweating less and loving oneself. The discussion revolves around the challenges of excessive sweating, the impact on self-perception, and the necessity of mindset transformation. We emphasize the need to understand one’s current state, envision the future self, and take actions aligned with desired outcomes. We focus on the role of a Life Coach and how they can help you to swim through the “River of Misery” to get to you goals with out drowning.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:
  • The importance of mindset transformation in addressing excessive sweating.
  • Reflection on personal beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to align with desired goals.
  • Comparison of taking action to swimming, emphasizing the learning process.
  • The role of a life coach in providing tools and guidance for successful actions.
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